The University Clinical Aptitude Test is used in the selection process by the UCAT ANZ Consortium of universities in Australia and New Zealand

UCAT ANZ Access Arrangements

Candidates with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries may be entitled to extra time or accommodations when sitting the test, however applications for these arrangements must be accompanied by suitable official documentation and be approved in advance by the UCAT ANZ office.

Deadline for Access Arrangements applications: 10 May 2019 at 5pm AEST

Registration closes: 17 May 2019 at 11.59pm AEST


UCATSEN ANZ - 25% extra time

If you are entitled to extra time for public examinations you should apply to sit the UCATSEN ANZ.  In addition to 25% extra subtest time it has a 1 minute 15 second timed instruction before each subtest. See this guide for timings. Sitting this extended version of the test requires you to submit an application for Access Arrangements before you make your test booking.

All supporting documentation must be typed on the health practitioner's official letterhead and include the date and title, name, registration number, contact details, and signature of the medical practitioner. The documentation must be no more than one year old for health-related needs or disabilities other than learning disabilities, and no more than three years old for learning disabilities.

Applicants with learning disabilities should submit a copy of an appropriate educational psychologist’s report for consideration. If the report is more than three years old, it will still be accepted, as long as it is accompanied by a recent letter from a psychologist stating that the information in the report is still applicable to the candidate as they are today.

Refer to the Application Process below to submit your application for extra time.


Test Accommodations

If you require accommodations when sitting the test you should submit an application for Access Arrangements before you make your test booking.

The supporting documentation must be from a registered health practitioner and must give a clear diagnosis and information on the condition, indicate the impact of the condition in testing settings and include a statement as to what accommodations the health practitioner feels are appropriate for the candidate in testing settings. The documentation must be no more than one year old for health related needs or disabilities.

All supporting documentation must be typed on the health practitioner's official letterhead and include the date and title, name, registration number, contact details, and signature of the medical practitioner.

Due to the nature of the test and the test centre environment there are limitations on what accommodations can be permitted.  

The following accommodations must be arranged in advance of testing:

  • A separate room* (evidence required)

  • Wheelchair access*

  • Adjustable height desk*

  • Access to medication, medical equipment or medically necessary food/drink (e.g. for diabetes)

  • Changes to the test colour scheme and font size (info sheet)

*subject to test centre availability.

Pearson VUE provide a list of Comfort Aids which are allowed in the testing room after visual inspection by test centre staff.  No other items are allowed in the testing room without an approved accommodation - this includes food and water.

Any unapproved items you take with you will need to be stored in a locker and can only be used outside the testing room.  If they are required during testing you should raise your hand and the invigilator will assist you.  However, the test will continue running during this time.

Due to the nature of the UCAT exam the following accommodations cannot be provided:

  • A reader or computer reader

  • A paper version

  • A scribe

  • Scheduled or unlimited breaks

The UCAT is a multiple-choice, computer-based test and does not require extended handwriting. Therefore, difficulties with writing will not normally be seen as grounds for granting of Access Arrangements.


Application Process

All applications should be made using the online Access Arrangements form below where you will also upload your evidence.  Your application will be rejected if you do not provide the full evidence required by the application deadline of 5pm AEST 10 May 2019

The steps in the Access Arrangements process are:

Step 1 - Create your online account.

Step 2 - Complete the online Access Arrangements application form and submit it to the UCAT ANZ office with relevant documentation from a registered health practitioner / psychologist (see application form for full details).

Step 3 - Receive email notification of Access Arrangement application outcome.

Step 4 - Pearson VUE Customer Services will contact you by phone to make your test booking.

All applications are processed within 5 working days and you will be notified of the outcome by email.  If you have not heard from our office within this time please email the UCAT ANZ Office and we will check on progress.  Before contacting us please check that an email has not been sent to your junk or spam folder.

If your application has been rejected and you have any queries regarding this decision please email the UCAT ANZ Office by 17 May 2019 (with additional evidence if necessary). 

Candidates expecting to offer different evidence of their condition should email the UCAT ANZ Office for advice before booking their test.

For conditions that occurred after the application deadline, please email the UCAT ANZ Office for advice.


Further assistance

If you are not currently entitled to extra time or accommodations in public examinations but feel that your disability or medical condition may make you eligible, you should email the UCAT ANZ Office to discuss your situation by 5pm AEST 10 May 2019.  We will need to see medical evidence from a specialist or general practitioner.  This evidence should be recent, detail the circumstances and explain explicitly why alternative examination arrangements are required.  We are unlikely to support requests where there is not a clear medical recommendation that extra time or accommodations should be granted.

If you do not think that your particular needs will be met by the access arrangements on offer you should email the UCAT ANZ Office and include your supporting evidence by 5pm AEST 10 May 2019.