The official UCAT ANZ preparation materials are free for candidates to use. We advise you to prepare for the UCAT ANZ using the free official practice materials on our website which have been developed by the UCAT Consortium. We believe that all candidates should have access to free preparation materials to support their test preparation.

The question banks and practice tests are produced by the UCAT Consortium and are representative of the live test. 

We recommend you start by viewing the Preparation Advice and Resources before moving onto the Question Banks and Practice Tests.


Commercial Preparation Materials

While there are many commercial companies offering coaching courses and materials for the test, the UCAT ANZ Consortium does not work with any of these companies or endorse the use of their materials. The courses and materials can be very costly and we advise you to be cautious about claims they can help you do well in the test.

Questions used by commercial organisations will not be of the standard used in the UCAT ANZ and practising with these may distort your performance. Screen appearance, presentation and formats may be different and unlikely to include new question types being developed by UCAT ANZ. Some companies provide scored 'mock exams' which may inaccurately replicate the UCAT ANZ scoring and give misleading indicators of your anticipated UCAT ANZ score.

We strongly advise candidates to use the free official practice materials on our website and to be very cautious about using materials and courses from other providers.