ID Policy

When you check-in at the test centre you are required to present one piece of official photographic identification from the list of permitted ID below that meets the requirements of the country where you are testing. 

The name on your ID must exactly match the name registered on your Pearson VUE account (and in your appointment confirmation email), otherwise your ID will not be accepted. You must email Pearson VUE Customer Services at least 5 working days before your appointment (with a copy of your ID) to make any changes to the name on your account.   

Candidates may present one of the following forms of photo ID; no other form of ID is permitted. You must present the original ID (not a photocopy or digital ID) and it must be valid (unexpired).


An original, valid passport that contains a recognisable photo is accepted at ANY test centre.

  • If your passport contains a photograph of you as a child, it must be recent enough that you can be easily identified.

Driver's licence

A government issued original, valid licence that contains a recognisable photo will ONLY be accepted at test centres in the country of issue.

  • You may present a learner's permit, probationary or full licence.

  • A digital licence will not be accepted.

Australian Keypass Card

An original, valid Keypass Card that contains a recognisable photo.

  • The Keypass Card is issued by Australia Post.

  • A digital Keypass will not be accepted.

  • Australia Post no longer offer the Under 18 Keypass Card.

Australian Proof of Age Card

A government issued original, valid Australian Proof of Age Card that contains a recognisable photo.

Only the following Proof of Age Cards from each state or territory are accepted:

New Zealand 18+ / Kiwi Access Card

An original, valid 18+ Card / Kiwi Access Card that contains a recognisable photo.

  • The Kiwi Access Card has replaced the 18+ Card and is issued by New Zealand Post.

If you arrive without the correct ID, your ID has expired, or the name on your account and ID do not match, you will not be able to sit the test and will lose your test fee. You will have to pay a further test fee to re-book a test appointment on another day. This will be difficult towards the end of testing when availability of test appointments will be limited. We take the security of the test very seriously, therefore test centre staff have no discretion to waive or vary the ID rules. 

Student ID and employer ID cards WILL NOT be accepted under any circumstances.