Candidate Misconduct

We expect our candidates to meet minimum standards of acceptable behaviour during testing and during any interactions with the UCAT ANZ Consortium, UCAT ANZ Office and Pearson VUE staff. Please familiarise yourself with the UCAT ANZ Examination Rules before your test. You will also read and sign these examination rules at the test centre before sitting your test.

Where candidates fall short of these minimum standards, such incidents will be thoroughly investigated. Where such allegations of misconduct are upheld, we reserve the right to take actions which may include: 

  • cancelling booking to sit UCAT ANZ without any refund, if after refund deadline;
  • cancellation of all test results;
  • disqualification from sitting the test for a period in the future;
  • the sharing of the outcomes of the investigation with legitimate third parties (which may include Tertiary Admission Centres and Consortium universities).

Examples of misconduct include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • attempting to take the UCAT ANZ in any year prior to the final year of secondary schooling;
  • undertaking the test more than once in any test cycle;
  • taking the UCAT ANZ and UCAT (UK) in the same year;
  • sitting the test if you have an affiliation with a UCAT coaching business, for example, as a tutor, or as an item developer, or having some financial interest in such a UCAT coaching business;
  • unacceptable behaviour or language during testing or during any interactions with the UCAT ANZ Office, Pearson VUE or test centre staff;
  • impersonation;
  • failure to follow the exam rules;
  • failure to follow invigilator or other staff instructions;
  • creating a disturbance;
  • using prohibited aids (e.g. notes, note paper, calculators, mobile phone, audio/recording devices, dictionaries etc.);
  • copying another candidate’s work;
  • giving or receiving assistance from another candidate during the test;
  • verbal or non-verbal communication with another candidate during the test;
  • using the test questions, their content or information about them for purposes other than for sitting your test;
  • giving of false or misleading information during the registration, booking and payment processes;
  • providing falsified documents, or giving false or misleading information, during the concession application process, access arrangements application process, test incident process or appeals process;
  • providing falsified documents, or giving false or misleading information, to the test centre;
  • providing falsified test results, or giving false or misleading information about test results, to Consortium universities, Tertiary Admissions Centres or the UCAT ANZ Office;
  • in any way breaching any of the website terms and conditions.