Access Arrangements

To apply for Access Arrangements, please complete this application form by 17 May 2023. Your details should match your Pearson VUE account. 

Please ensure you have the correct supporting evidence; see the information provided here.

Applications for Access Arrangements will close on 17 May 2023. No further applications are accepted after the deadline.

Your details

Access Arrangements Requested

Please indicate the access arrangements you require. Your request must reflect what you are entitled to in school/college/university exams and be supported by your documentation.

Note that the accommodations approved at your school/college/university, and what is recommended by the registered health practitioner or psychologist, will not necessarily be those approved for the UCAT ANZ.

Test versions

Standard test

10 minutes extra time per hour

Standard test with 5 min rest breaks before each subtest

25% extra time

25% extra time with 5 min rest breaks before each subtest

Other Arrangements


Please upload scans or clear photographs of your evidence in the following file formats:  PDF, Word, JPEG and PNG.