UCAT ANZ Access Arrangements

This information will be confirmed for UCAT ANZ 2024 in December 2023.

Candidates with special educational needs, disabilities or medical conditions who are entitled to extra time or other accommodations for school/college/university exams may be entitled to access arrangements when sitting the UCAT ANZ.

Applicants applying for access arrangements should read the Inherent requirements for studying medicine in Australia and New Zealand guideline statement and the inherent requirements for the university courses they are applying to.

You must apply and be approved for access arrangements BEFORE your test can be booked. 

Access arrangements applications must be accompanied by suitable official documentation.

Application dates

Access Arrangements applications open on 1 February and close on 17 May 2024.

Queries regarding Access Arrangements applications should be emailed to the UCAT ANZ Office, NOT Pearson VUE Customer Services, in advance of the application deadline.

No further applications are accepted after 17 May. 

What access arrangements can be provided? 

Extra time and/ or rest breaks

The following extended test versions are available:

  • UCATANZ SA (140 minutes) standard test time with 5 minute rest breaks before sections
  • UCATANZ SEN10 (140 minutes) 10 minutes extra time per hour
  • UCATANZ SEN (150 minutes) 25% extra time
  • UCATANZ SENSA (175 minutes) 25% extra time with 5 minute rest breaks before sections

Refer to the timings of the extended test versions here.

Candidates should apply for access arrangements which reflect what they are entitled to in school/college/university exams.

Other Access Arrangements
  • Separate room
    Your supporting evidence must support your requirement for a separate room on your own and provide information about why this is necessary for your condition. Separate rooms are subject to test centre availability, not all test centres can provide a separate room. If a separate room is not available, you will be approved to sit in a test room with less candidates, where possible.

    Separate rooms are not soundproofed or quieter than the main testing area. They may be near busy areas such as the invigilator station or check in area. Earplugs are available at most test centres to minimise any noise. The Test Day information provides more information about earplugs.

  • Access to medical items not included on the Comfort Aid List.
    This arrangement may require a separate room, which is subject to availability.

  • Access to medically necessary food/drink (including water) at your workstation.
    This arrangement requires a separate room, which is subject to availability.
    Candidates with diabetes should refer to this Information Sheet to assess whether they need to apply for access arrangements.

  • Adjustable height desk
    This arrangement requires a separate room, which is subject to availability.

  • Adjustable font size and colour scheme
    Refer to this Adjustable font and colour scheme information

  • Permission to bring coloured overlays (provided by the candidate)

If you are applying for access arrangements and require wheelchair access, please include this in your application. 

COMFORT AIDS (no prior arrangement required)
Some medicines, medical devices, mobility devices and other items are allowed into the test room after visual inspection and do not require any arrangements. A full list of comfort aids is available here: Comfort Aid List.

Any unapproved items will need to be stored in a locker or designated area at the test centre and can only be used outside the testing room. If they are required during testing you should raise your hand and the invigilator will assist you. However, the test will continue running during this time.

What supporting evidence do I need?

You must provide BOTH of the following supporting documents:

1.  A letter from your school/college/university confirming the accommodations you currently receive for exams.

The letter must be dated 2024 on official letterhead and contain:

  • the date
  • title, name, signature and contact details of the official issuing the letter

The letter should state (as appropriate):

  • the accommodations you are entitled to in examinations. 
  • the amount of extra time you are entitled to in examinations.
  • the amount of time for any rest breaks in examinations.
  • Confirm on what basis this entitlement has been agreed, for example a diagnosis from a registered health practitioner (with experience in the relevant field), educational psychologist, or psychologist with appropriate experience.

2.  The documentation from the registered health practitioner (with experience in the relevant field), educational psychologist, or psychologist with appropriate experience, that you provided to your school/college/university to receive exam accommodations.

Important information

The UCAT ANZ is a computer based, multiple choice test and does not contain any writing.

Note that the accommodations approved at your school/college/university, and what is recommended by the registered health practitioner or psychologist, will not necessarily be those approved for the UCAT ANZ.

Access arrangements are considered with respect to maintaining the integrity of the assessment process. Therefore, given the nature of this test it may not be reasonable to provide all the adjustments specified in your application. Accommodations should meet the needs of the candidate affected by a disability or medical condition but must not confer any advantage over other candidates sitting the assessment under standard conditions.

Extra time will not be approved if a candidate’s difficulties relate to handwriting issues.

Supporting evidence if you are not currently enrolled in education

If you are not currently enrolled in education, we require BOTH of the following supporting documents:

1.  Documentation confirming the accommodations you received for exams from your most recent education.

2.  For disabilities or health related needs, a letter dated 2024 from a registered health practitioner or specialist (e.g. a consultant, psychologist, psychiatrist) which:

  • gives a clear diagnosis 
  • details your circumstances and indicates the impact this would have on your ability to sit a multiple-choice test sat on a computer
  • makes a clear medical recommendation for specific accommodations in examinations. If the recommendation is for extra time then it must be specific, for example 10 minutes per hour.
For learning disabilities, a report (no more than 3 years old) from an educational psychologist or psychologist with appropriate experience. It must explicitly recommend a specific amount of extra exam time and/or other accommodations in examinations. If the report is more than 3 years old, it will still be accepted, as long as it is accompanied by a recent letter from a psychologist stating that the information in the report is still applicable to you as you are today.

If you are not able to provide documentation from your most recent education, please provide the documentation from the registered health practitioner as above and include the reason you are not able to provide the letter from your educational institution in your application.

How do I apply for access arrangements?


Register for a Pearson VUE account.


Apply for Access Arrangements

Complete the application form below by 17 May 2024 and upload the correct supporting evidence - see requirements above. Applications open on 1 February 2024.

You are required to enter your UCAT ANZ ID number from your Pearson VUE account in your application. The ID number is in the format (ANZ12345678) and is in the top right of your account.

Receive outcome of your access arrangements application

You will receive the outcome by email in approximately 5 business days. The email will outline the access arrangements you have been approved and information about how your test will be booked. Candidates cannot book their own test with access arrangements. 

If you have not heard from our office after one week please email the UCAT ANZ Office (after checking your junk/spam email folder). Please do not submit multiple applications.

All queries regarding Access Arrangements applications should be emailed to the UCAT ANZ Office in advance of the application deadline, NOT Pearson VUE Customer Services.

Late applications are not accepted.



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