UCAT ANZ Results


Score Report

After you have completed your test you will receive an email from Pearson VUE within 24 hours with instructions to access your UCAT ANZ Score Report through your account. It can be printed from your browser or saved as a PDF. Results will not display properly if you use Internet Explorer as your browser.

The Score Report is for your records only. The UCAT ANZ Office provide the results for all candidates to the UCAT ANZ Consortium universities directly. 

Information on scoring can be found here

Validity of Results

UCAT ANZ 2024 results are valid for the 2024 university admissions cycle ONLY (for entry to university in 2025). 

Test Statistics

Preliminary test statistics are available in late August.

Summary statistics and percentiles for the Total Score are available in September.

See the Test Statistics page.


Delivering UCAT ANZ Results to Universities

We will provide all test results to our UCAT ANZ Consortium universities. You do not pass your test results to the universities yourself.

Please check the university websites carefully to determine the application procedures and deadlines. 

Further information on how our consortium universities use the UCAT ANZ score within their admissions process will be published on their websites.

Your UCAT ANZ ID number (in the format ANZ12345678) should be used in your university applications. This number is given on your Score Report and in your Pearson VUE account. 

Candidates applying to both Australian/ New Zealand and UK/ partner consortium universities (for 2025 entry)

If you are applying to both Australian/New Zealand and UK/partner consortium universities listed at the UCAT UK website (for 2025 entry) you need to sit the UCAT ANZ 2024 test.

UCAT (UK) results are not accepted by Australian/New Zealand universities. Australian and New Zealand admissions deadlines are earlier than in the UK therefore candidates are required to sit the UCAT ANZ test.

Candidates are not permitted to sit both the UCAT ANZ and UCAT UK in the same year (for example, UCAT ANZ 2024 and UCAT UK 2024) under any circumstances. This is considered candidate misconduct.

Delivering UCAT ANZ Results to UK or partner consortium Universities

In order for your UCAT ANZ results to be delivered to UK or partner consortium universities, you must complete the online form on the UCAT ANZ Results Collection page of the UCAT UK website in October.

Any queries regarding this process should be directed to the UCAT UK Office.