UCAT ANZ Frequently Asked Questions


Can I sit the UCAT ANZ if I'm enrolled in Year 11 and taking a Year 12 subject?

Can I sit the UCAT ANZ if I have commenced or already completed a degree?

Do international students need to sit the UCAT ANZ?

Can I sit GAMSAT instead of UCAT ANZ?

Will I be penalised for taking the test more than once?

What should I do if I cannot sit the test?

Registration and Booking

How do I register for the test?

Can my school register me for the test?

Can I sit the test at my school?

Can I sit the test overseas?

How will I know the exact location of the test centre?

I have forgotten my username and / or password.

My registration email has not arrived.

How can I pay for my test?

How do I know if my booking was successful?

What is my UCAT ANZ ID number and where can I find it?

Does registering for the test mean I have applied for university entry?

Concession Scheme

My concession application has not been approved but I think I am eligible, what should I do?

Can I apply for the Concession Scheme if I have already paid for my test?

Can I apply for the Concession Scheme after the concession application deadline?

Where do I enter my concession voucher code?

Preparation Materials

Are there any practice questions or preparation materials available?

Do I have to pay for these preparation materials?

The preparation materials on the website refer to the UCAT, not the UCAT ANZ – is this a different test?

I’ve been told I should pay for a coaching course in order to do well in the UCAT, is this true?

Rescheduling and Cancelling

How do I reschedule my test?

How do I to cancel and refund my appointment?

How do I reschedule my test to another country?

I missed the deadline to reschedule my test. What do I do now?

I missed my test appointment, how do I re-book my appointment?

Test day problems

I raised an issue during the test, what do I do next?


When will I receive my results?

I can't open my online score report?

Why are my results not displaying properly on my online score report?

When do you deliver my results to the universities?

How do I know how I performed on the test?

Can you tell me about the universities' selection criteria?

What test do I sit if I want to apply to universities both in Australia/New Zealand and in the UK?

Can I use UCAT (UK) results to apply to Australian and New Zealand universities?

What is the UCAT UK and do I need to sit this test?

Can I sit both the UCAT ANZ and UCAT UK test?


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