The University Clinical Aptitude Test is used in the selection process by the UCAT ANZ Consortium of universities in Australia and New Zealand


You should arrive approximately 15 minutes before your appointment time to complete the check-in process. 
If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your appointment time you will not be allowed to take the test and will have to re-book and pay for a new test appointment on another day, (subject to availability of test appointments). This applies in cases of family emergency, accident, transport problems and security alert as well as forgetfulness and lateness.

Identification and Documentation

You must bring BOTH of the following documents with you:

  • A printed or electronic copy of your appointment confirmation email or appointment details in your Pearson VUE account

  • One piece of photographic identification from the list below which meets the requirements of the country where you are testing. You must present the original ID (not a photocopy, photo or digital ID) and it must be valid (unexpired). 

An original, valid passport that contains a recognisable photo.

Driver's licence
A government issued original, valid licence that contains a recognisable photo will ONLY be accepted at test centres in the country of issue. You may present a learner's permit, probationary or full licence. A digital licence will not be accepted.

Australian Keypass Card
An original, valid Keypass Card / Keypass Under 18 Card that contains a recognisable photo.
A digital Keypass will not be accepted. The Keypass is issued by Australia Post.

Australian Proof of Age Card
A government issued original, valid Australian Proof of Age Card that contains a recognisable photo.
Only the following Proof of Age Cards from each state or territory are accepted:

New Zealand 18+ / Kiwi Access Card
An original, valid 18+ / Kiwi Access Card that contains a recognisable photo.
The Kiwi Access Card has replaced the 18+ Card and is issued by New Zealand Post.

No other forms of identification is accepted under any circumstances.

Important information about ID

We take the security of the test very seriously, therefore test centre staff have no discretion to waive or vary the ID rules. If you cannot obtain acceptable ID before your test date, you will need to reschedule to a later date when you will have the correct form of ID, subject to availability of test appointments. 

If you need to update your name on your account to match your ID, you must call Pearson VUE Customer Services at least 5 business days before your test appointment to seek advice.

Your name and date of birth on your ID MUST exactly match the name and date of birth you provided when you registered otherwise your ID will not be accepted. If it does not match you must contact Pearson VUE Customer Services at least 5 business days before your appointment in order that this can be addressed.

Student ID cards/ employer ID cards, bus/ train passes and library cards will NOT be accepted under any circumstances. 

If you arrive without the correct ID, or the name on your account and identification do not match, you will not be able to test. You will lose your test fee and you will have to pay to re-book a test appointment on another day. This will be difficult towards the end of testing when availability of test appointments will be limited.

Check-in process 

During the check-in process:

  • Your ID will be checked.
  • You will be asked to read the UCAT ANZ Consortium Examination Rules and sign to confirm that you understand them. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with these rules before your appointment as they explain what you need to do if you experience any issues during your test.
  • Staff will take a digital photograph of you.
  • All personal belongings (including bags, coats, hats or head coverings, jewellery, calculators, papers, books, pens, watches, wallets, keys, mobile phones, smart watches, smart glasses, all electronic devices, food/water/drinks) must be placed in the lockers provided before you enter the test room. The only exceptions permitted are religious apparel, head wear that is worn for medical reasons and small hair clips/hairbands (less than 1/2 inch wide). For clarity, nothing is allowed into the test room apart from the indoor clothes worn and any permitted Comfort Aids.
  • Staff will conduct a routine visual inspection of your clothing, hands/arms and any comfort aids. This is to ensure that you do not take any non-permitted items into the test room.

Please note that due to security, test centre receptions are restricted to test takers only. If you arrive very early for your test appointment you may be offered the opportunity to commence the test early if a workstation is available, or you may have to come back closer to your appointment time if there is not space for you to wait at the test centre. If you are offered to commence the test early you can decline and start at your official appointment time.

Test centres do not provide waiting areas for anyone accompanying you to the test centre so you should make other arrangements to meet them when your appointment is over.

The duration of the standard test is 2 hours and care should be taken when making return travel arrangements to allow adequate time at the test centre in case of unforeseen delays.

If you have any concerns over the check-in process or have a medical condition / disability that you think our test centre staff should be aware of please contact Pearson VUE Customer Services at least 5 business days before your test. 

Test Experience

After the check-in process has been completed you will be taken into the testing room and allocated a desk space at which you will find a PC, keyboard and space for a note book. You will be provided with a laminated notebook and marker pen. If you are not given these when you enter the test room, you should request them by raising your hand. 

There will be other people taking tests in the same room and there may be some limited disturbance as other test takers arrive and leave the room according to their appointment time. The test centre will endeavour for such disturbance to be kept to a minimum.

Please note that once started the test cannot be paused. If you need to take medication or use the toilets, please raise your hand to notify the invigilator who will assist you in leaving the test room. However the test will continue running and you will lose test time whilst you are out of the test room.

Refer to the Practice Tips section for information about the on-screen calculator, keyboard shortcuts, and laminated note booklet and marker pen.

The following video shows what to expect at the test centre. Note that UCAT ANZ candidates receive their results in their Pearson VUE account within 24 hours of their test sitting, not when they leave the test centre as depicted here.