The University Clinical Aptitude Test is used in the selection process by the UCAT ANZ Consortium of universities in Australia and New Zealand

UCAT ANZ Adviser Resources

Schools and Colleges can access these resources for advising prospective test takers about the UCAT.

Please note, although new to Australia and New Zealand for 2019, the UCAT has been used for over 12 years in the UK under the test name UKCAT.  The following preparation materials, although referred to in some instances as UKCAT, represent the exact content of the UCAT ANZ test and may be used to familiarise your students with the test format and to help prepare for the test.  These preparation materials will be re-published prior to March 2019 to reflect the new international test name of UCAT.  As practice materials are compiled from previous test questions, there may be a higher proportion of questions with a UK context than you will see in the new 2019 UCAT ANZ.


The 2019 Official Guide will be published in March 2019.


An interactive tutorial which includes general advice on how to approach the test as well as strategies on how to approach and answer questions in the Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement subtests. A revised Question Tutorial will be published in March 2019.


A tutorial which illustrates all the functions used in our computer-based tests including how to answer and review questions.


You are welcome to download and use our PowerPoint presentation to give students an overview of the UCAT ANZ.

Download informational materials:

PDF of UCAT Leaflet


Commercial Preparation Materials

Careers Advisers should be aware that whilst there are many commercial companies publishing books and offering coaching for our tests, the UCAT ANZ Consortium does not work with any of these companies or endorse the use of their materials. Taking advantage of these opportunities can cost candidates a great deal of money and we would advise them to be sceptical about claims they can help students do well in the test by coaching.

Commercial organisations will be using items that are not necessarily of the standard they will encounter in the UCAT and this may distort their performance whilst practising. Screen views may be different and commercial organisations are unlikely to include the new item types which they may encounter in their test. They may also not replicate the UCAT scoring accurately and may give misleading indicators of candidates anticipated UCAT scores.

We therefore strongly advise candidates to use the official Practices Tests and Question Banks on our website, and to be cautious about using resources from any commercial providers as these are not affiliated with UCAT in any way.