UCAT ANZ Access Arrangements Application

Applications will be processed in approximately 5 business days and you will be notified of the outcome by email. If you have not heard from our office within this time please email the UCAT ANZ Office and we will check on progress. Please do not submit multiple applications. 

All queries regarding Access Arrangements should be emailed to the UCAT ANZ Office, not Pearson VUE Customer Services.

Please give brief details of your learning difficulty, disability or medical condition.

Please tell us all the access arrangements you require to sit the UCAT. This should reflect what you are entitled to in public exams.

Drop files here

We can accept scans or clear photographs in the following file formats:  PDF, Word (.doc), JPEG and .PNG


Supporting documentation

  • UCATSA - standard test time with 5 minute rest breaks between sections

  • UCATSEN - 25% extra time

  • UCATSENSA - 25% extra time with 5 minute rest breaks between sections

  • Separate room (subject to availability)

  • Access to medical items or medically necessary food/drink at your workstation (e.g. for diabetes) not included on the comfort aids list. This arrangement requires a separate room, which is subject to test centre availability.


The following requirements for supporting documentation apply:

  • Your documentation must be from a registered health practitioner on the practitioner's official letterhead including the date and title, name, registration number, contact details, and signature of the practitioner.

  • For disabilities or health related needs, other than learning disabilities, your documentation must be no more than one year old.

  • For learning disabilities, a copy of an appropriate educational psychologist's report (no more than 3 year's old) will be acceptable. A report older than 3 years will be acceptable if it is accompanied by a recent letter from an educational psychologist stating that the information in the report is still applicable.

Your documentation:

  • Must give a clear diagnosis and information on the condition, indicate the impact of the condition in test sittings and include a statement as to what adjustments the practitioner considers appropriate for the candidate in test sittings.