UCAT ANZ Eligibility

The UCAT ANZ test is only available to a candidate whose educational level at the time of sitting the test is that they are undertaking or have completed the final year of secondary schooling, or higher. 
For example, candidates registering for UCAT ANZ 2022 should have completed, or plan to complete their final year of secondary schooling in 2022, that is, Year 12 in Australia or Year 13 in New Zealand.

Students in Australian Year 11 or lower are NOT eligible to sit the UCAT ANZ.
This includes Year 11 students undertaking one or more Year 12 subjects. Year 12 students completing Year 12 over two years are only eligible to sit the UCAT ANZ in their final year.

Candidates are eligible to sit UCAT ANZ if they have commenced or completed an undergraduate degree
It is noted, however, that not all undergraduate degree programs for which UCAT ANZ is a prerequisite will offer places for non-school leavers. Candidates are advised to check the UCAT ANZ Consortium university websites for further information. Information on GAMSAT and graduate-entry medical and dental courses is available at the GAMSAT website.

International candidates:
Only a limited number of UCAT ANZ Consortium universities require international students to sit UCAT ANZ and, if so, it will only be required in specific circumstances. Candidates are advised to check the UCAT ANZ Consortium university websites for further information.

Any person having an affiliation with a UCAT coaching business, for example, in their capacity as a tutor, or as an item developer, or having some financial interest in a UCAT coaching business are not eligible to sit the UCAT ANZ.

Note the following:

  • Candidates can only sit the test once in any test cycle and instances of multiple testing in the same year will be treated as an example of candidate misconduct and all results will be withdrawn.
  • Candidates are not permitted to sit both the UCAT ANZ and the UCAT (UK) in the same year (i.e. UCAT ANZ 2022 and UCAT UK 2022). Candidates who are applying to Australian/ New Zealand and UK universities should sit the UCAT ANZ and refer to the Results page for further details about how to have UCAT ANZ results to UK universities.